Many medical negligence cases are highly complex and require extensive investigations by experts in appropriate medical specialties. Whatever the nature of a particular case, however, the process moves forward at a deliberate, slow pace.

Miller & Wagner, LLP, is a team of experienced trial attorneys with a record of success in medical negligence cases. We thoroughly investigate every case, document negligence and seek the best possible result for every client.

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The Medical Malpractice Litigation Process In Oregon And Washington

The laws governing medical malpractice litigation are similar in Oregon and Washington, though there are some differences. The basic outline of the legal process is as follows:

Consultation with a lawyer — The first step in obtaining answers and compensation in a medical malpractice case is to talk with an experienced lawyer. In a free consultation, we can review your case, explain the legal process and discuss your legal options. If we believe that you do have an actionable medical malpractice case, we will act immediately to initiate legal action on your behalf.

Investigation — Our law firm has relationships with leading medical experts across the nation. We will organize a team of legal and medical specialists to conduct an initial investigation to determine how the medical services provided failed to meet the expected standard of care.

Filing a lawsuit — If you were treated by a medical provider in Oregon and the attorneys at Miller & Wagner, LLP, determine that your case is valid and should proceed, our firm will then file a complaint on your behalf. This opens the door for more extensive investigations and discovery efforts. In Washington, mediation is mandatory before a medical malpractice lawsuit can proceed. However, a claimant can still file a lawsuit regardless of the outcome of the mediation. Oregon does not require mediation before a lawsuit can move forward.

Discovery — In this stage, both parties have the right to obtain information relevant to the case. We will review all of the documents and medical records that can shed light on what happened. We will also depose (interview) all parties who can provide insights into the medical services that were provided. The patient (and possibly family members) will also be deposed by the defense attorney. We will represent and advise you during these deposition sessions.

Placing a value on economic and non-economic losses — Our attorneys will make a full accounting of all losses for inclusion in your claim, including medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Settlement negotiations or trial — We will seek full compensation for you across the negotiation table or in court.

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