A hidden camera investigation into nursing home complaints has led to criminal charges for ten employees of that nursing home, according to recent reports. The investigation began following complaints from the family of one resident there who had severe disabilities and was reliant on staff for all of his basic needs, including moving around and getting out of the bed.

The hidden camera revealed that staff were consistently neglecting the man, failing to give him his medication, monitor his blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and other harmful omissions that likely caused worsening health for the man. They also falsified documents and hospital records to cover up the fact that he was not being cared for properly.

Now ten employees are facing criminal charges, ranging from those having to do with the falsified records to charges targeted at their harmful behavior towards the patient. It is not clear yet whether the family of the man, who has since passed away, will be pursuing any action against the nursing home.

The facility had been the subject of scrutiny in the past as well because of an above-average level of complaints and citations. A spokesperson from the nursing home said that they are working to correct any systemic problems so that no more patients are subject to this type of terrible treatment. However, the case dose raise questions about the facility as a whole and whether supervisors had been aware of the problem but chose not to react or fix it until it was detected by law enforcement and health officials.

Source: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, “Charges filed against 10 workers at Blossom North,” Meghan M. McDermott and Patti Singer, March 25, 2014.