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If a child in your family suffered a serious injury due to negligent diagnosis or treatment by a family physician or pediatric specialist, the advice of an experienced attorney can help you understand the legal dimensions of your situation.

If we can demonstrate a strong causal link between professional negligence and a child’s injury or disability, your family could recover medical malpractice damages. Contact Miller & Wagner in Portland to learn how our experience with the proof of pediatric negligence claims can benefit your child and your family.

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Our law firm represents pediatric malpractice clients in Oregon and Washington. Claims can include either negligent diagnosis or negligent treatment. Examples of the kinds of cases we handle include:

  • Failure to diagnose serious infections or illnesses, such as meningitis or appendicitis
  • Negligent treatment of childhood injuries from fractures to burns
  • Failure to diagnose or treat testicular torsion
  • Failure to diagnose or report parental neglect or child abuse

Defendants in a pediatric malpractice lawsuit might include family physicians, pediatricians, surgeons, radiologists or hospitals. We work with doctors from each relevant specialty to see whether your child’s condition and the medical records indicate the likelihood of medical malpractice. An important element of this analysis is to establish a causal connection between the treating physician’s mistake and the injury to your child.

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