When Brain Injuries Result From Medical Malpractice

One of the most serious consequences of a medical error is brain damage. Any period of oxygen deprivation or interruption of blood flow may cause irreversible, catastrophic brain injury. A wide variety of medical errors can result in oxygen deprivation to the brain. These include failure to diagnose and treat early stroke symptoms, medication errors, monitoring errors, misinterpretations of CT or MRI scans, improper cardiology practices and many others. Miller & Wagner has successfully handled countless brain damage cases.

If you suspect that a patient in your family suffered brain trauma due to a mistake by a doctor or negligence on the part of hospital staff, contact Miller & Wagner in Portland to discuss your legal options.

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Brain injury can result from many different kinds of medical mistakes. An emergency room physician might fail to spot the signs of an imminent stroke, or fail to order the tests necessary to detect a brain tumor. The untimely use of TPA to treat stroke within three hours of onset can result in uncontrolled bleeding rather than the intended dissolution of blood clots. The failure to monitor vital signs under anesthesia can result in hypoxia or anoxia with disastrous consequences for the patient.

Delay in delivering an infant or beginning resuscitation efforts can result in cerebral palsy, seizures, and cognitive deficits.

At Miller & Wagner, we apply decades of medical malpractice litigation experience to reconstruct the story of a patient’s complications. If we can get the support of medical experts for the proposition that a negligent mistake resulted in a serious brain injury, we’ll have a good chance of proving liability against the doctor or nurse responsible for the patient’s condition.

The potential defendants in a medical malpractice brain injury case include cardiologists, radiologists, internists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pharmacists or other specialists. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether the injury resulted from negligent diagnosis or errors in treatment; in other cases, the causal connections are fairly clear.

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