What to Do About Negligent Misdiagnosis of Serious Illness

Most medical malpractice litigation falls into one of two categories — mistakes in diagnosis or mistakes in treatment. Without a correct diagnosis, proper and timely treatment cannot occur.

If you suspect that misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of heart disease, cancer, stroke, or other serious medical condition played a role in the death or disability of someone in your family, get the answers and legal advice you need. Contact Miller & Wagner in Portland for a free consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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We represent medical malpractice clients throughout Oregon and Washington. Attorneys Dave Miller and Bob Wagner each have more than 30 years of trial experience on medical negligence claims — with much of that experience on the defense side of malpractice litigation.

Dave Miller and Bob Wagner both began their legal careers as a defense lawyer for malpractice insurance companies. Their insights into the claim evaluation and investigation process from the defense side can give you an accurate idea of the strength and value of your case. They also have access to a wide network of outstanding medical experts — trusted professionals whose involvement with your case is indispensable to its success. In fact, Oregon and Washington doctors often call Miller & Wagner when they need advice about potential malpractice claims for their own family members and friends.

Most physicians understand and accept the reality that people have the right to sue them for clear mistakes of professional judgment or technique. The relationships that Miller & Wagner have established with many Oregon and Washington physicians represents a powerful resource for our medical malpractice clients.

Miller & Wagner investigates and presents damages claims for misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose such serious illnesses or conditions as:

  • Heart attack
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Postoperative infection
  • Meningitis

The defendant in a misdiagnosis case might be a primary care physician, an emergency room doctor, a dermatologist, a radiologist or an oral surgeon. No matter who was ultimately responsible for the missed opportunity for effective treatment, our investigative team can give you the answers you need.

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