Prostate cancer is a form of cancer in which patients may face risk from over- or undertreatment. Many forms of prostate cancers are slow growing, and in an elderly patient may need nothing more than careful monitoring. However, if an aggressive form of the cancer is not diagnosed and treated at an early stage, the tumor may metastasize, spreading from the prostate to other parts of the body.

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PSA Screening Tests and Prostate Cancer

The PSA blood test is often used to screen older men for prostate cancer. As a result of PSA screenings, a high percentage of prostate cancers are now detected at an early stage. If discovered while the cancer is localized to the prostate, surgical removal of the prostate gland or radiology often leads to a cure.

Aggressive treatment is appropriate for aggressive types of prostate cancers. However, surgery may not be appropriate in all cases. Removal of the prostate can lead to incontinence and impotency. If the prostate cancer is slow growing and the patient is elderly, the cancer may not metastasize before the patient dies from other causes. In this situation, careful monitoring of the cancer may be more appropriate. The legal question is whether the patient received appropriate treatment for his or her condition.

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