People often associate stroke with the elderly. The truth is, every year in America thousands of teens and young adults suffer stroke due to rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel carrying oxygen to the brain. The age of the stroke victim often has no relationship to the severity of the permanent impairment to parts of the body controlled by the affected part of the brain. If symptoms aren’t diagnosed and acted on immediately, the stroke will result in many of the same injuries that an older person will experience, including brain injury symptoms such as:

  • Loss of the use of one or more limbs on the affected side of the body
  • Permanent weakness and numbness
  • Speech impediment
  • Learning disabilities, inability or difficulty comprehending spoken and written language
  • Permanent paralysis to one side of the face
  • Dizziness and lack of coordination
  • Severe headaches

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Clients of Miller & Wagner, benefit from our attorneys’ years of experience representing clients in medical malpractice litigation, including Mr. Miller’s years as a defense attorney for medical insurance companies fighting medical negligence claims. Our firm has earned the recognition and opportunity to network with many of the Northwest’s most distinguished neurosurgeons and stroke specialists to investigate and present the strongest evidence possible for full and fair compensation for injuries and financial damages resulting from medical negligence.

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