Wrongful Death Claims in Medical Malpractice Cases

Bob Wagner and Dave Miller have handled dozens of wrongful death cases over the years. Recent examples include death caused by delayed diagnosis of cancer, puncture of the heart by catheter, failure to treat brain hemorrhage, failure to diagnose and treat arteriovenous malformation in the brain, medication error resulting in overdose, failure to diagnose and treat heart disease.

At the Portland law firm of Miller & Wagner, we advise and represent the families of people who lost their lives through the negligence of doctors and other medical professionals. Wrongful death litigation can be a difficult experience for those who need to take their claims to court. Our attorneys are therefore ready to help our clients through a period of grief and transition while working to establish the accountability of those responsible for the loss.

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Oregon and Washington Have Very Different Wrongful Death Statutes

Because we serve the needs of clients on both sides of the Columbia River, our lawyers are familiar with the differences between the laws of Oregon and Washington in fatal accident cases, including accidents involving medical negligence. Oregon has a 3-year statute of limitations on wrongful death claims and limits non-economic damages to $500,000 (there is no limitation on economic damages). In other words, much of your financial compensation will need to relate directly to the economic impact of your family’s loss.

In Washington, the time for filing your wrongful death claim is only two years, but there is no statutory limit on your damages. It’s up to the jury to decide how much compensation your family should receive for the negligence that resulted in death.

We handle fatal medical malpractice cases involving delayed diagnosis of cancer, errors in surgery, mistakes in emergency room treatment, errors in medication or pain management, and other examples of professional negligence. In every case, our Portland wrongful death attorneys work with medical experts whose review and support is essential to proving that your case reflects negligent care rather than an unfortunate medical outcome.

We understand that part of your lawyer’s job is to relieve the stress and confusion that an accidental death can mean in any family. Our individualized attention to client needs in an informal office atmosphere reflects our commitment to helping you through every aspect of your legal claim, including the emotional dimensions.

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