Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is not uncommon in Oregon. However, families and their attorneys still have to take the necessary steps to gather evidence proving that neglect or abuse has occurred, and hidden video cameras have become increasingly common tools. For example, consider a case of nursing home neglect unfolding in another state.

A total of 17 workers are now facing criminal charges related to the neglect of a 56-year-old man. The patient suffered from Huntington's chorea, and the neurological condition left him bedridden and completely dependent upon the nurses, nursing assistants and other staff members.

According to authorities in New York, the nurses and nursing assistants failed to do proper continence checks; failed to administer the patient's medications on time; and failed to provide much-needed liquids. However, the nursing staff still completed records indicating that the patient was being properly cared for. The video surveillance shows that what was on paper was not an accurate record.

Nine nursing assistants and eight nurses were charged with offenses related to the neglect of the patient.

The case underscores the importance of using every legal means possible to ensure that nursing home residents receive the care they need and deserve. The man in this case suffered from lack of liquids, lack of pain medications and improper continence care, all at the hands of the very people being paid to care for him.

Family members who suspect that their loved one is being abused or neglected should not hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney. Abuse of the vulnerable and elderly is inexcusable, and there are legal avenues for holding wrongdoers accountable.

Source: WBFO.org, "Hidden camera used to catch alleged nursing home neglect," Chris Caya, April 25, 2014