Modern surgical practice in Oregon and other states should be advanced enough for the surgical team to know how to keep surgical instruments from being deposited in a patient's body and left there. Unfortunately, however, that is not always the case, and medical negligence of that kind occurs fairly often in operations, including in those that are simple and routine.  Despite the huge expense of surgery, patients must be constantly vigilant that they may be victimized by medical malpractice when surgical tools are left inside their bodies by negligent medical providers.

The problem is not minimal or without consequence. Many patients experience extreme chronic pain and discomfort for months and even years before the problem is discovered and repaired. In some cases, the damage to the patient's body may be permanent. Those facts are the backdrop for the intensive pain and trauma suffered by a female patient who went to a surgical center for a routine gynecological surgery in April of 2016.

During the tubal ligation procedure, a surgical tool was left inside of her. She was stitched up and released, but her recovery from the uncomplicated surgery did not follow. She had heavy cramping, intense pain and nausea and lived in a state of fear that something very critical was wrong with her.

She discovered the foreign object in July when she went in for a pelvic exam. Her husband rushed her to an emergency room where the object was located and extricated. This failure by the surgical team was clear medical malpractice in Oregon and all other states. There are various counting protocols for each instrument used during surgery to ensure nothing is left inside prior to closing up a patient. The perpetrators of the botched surgery have been put on notice, but they have not to date made an offer to settle.  

Source: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Patch, "Rancho Santa Margarita Woman's Mystery Agony: You Won't Believe What Doctors Found", Ashley Ludwig, Sept. 29, 2016