Thank You to Our Community of Health Care Professionals

Here at Miller and Wagner, we work closely with a wide range of medical professionals who help our injured patients. These are the same medical professionals currently working on the front lines during the covid-19 pandemic, and for that we couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff who are deeply invested in the well-being of our communities in this time of need. It is also important to acknowledge along with the dedicated physicians, nurses, technologists and support staff are many other brave teams working behind them; including environmental services, social work, and spiritual care.

Healthcare workers do not have the option of sheltering in place with their families and cannot maintain safe distances from others, while caring for patients. Lack of personal protective equipment only exacerbates concerns for safety. Regardless of these dangers, they continue to show up to care for their patients. As healthcare workers face enormous challenges when dealing with this ever-evolving crisis, they face their work with courage, resolve and commitment.

Their dedication is a true inspiration, and as we continue to experience changes that impact our own lives, it is important to thank those who are risking their own health to care for the ones who need it most.