Miller & Wagner LLP Welcomes Medical Malpractice Attorney Tamara X Arthur

The medical malpractice law firm of Miller & Wagner, LLP is pleased to announce the appointment of their newest associate, Tamara X Arthur. Tamara is not only a medical malpractice litigation attorney, but she is also a physician. This unique combination of experience makes her one of the few attorneys in the country who bring both the knowledge of the medical profession and litigation experience to the table.

Tamara X Arthur’s Medical Background

Tamara practiced medicine in a variety of settings. She began her medical career as a U.S. Navy Flight Surgeon where she was nominated as Flight Surgeon of the year, received a Navy Surgeon General’s Letter of Recognition, and was awarded a Navy Commendation Medal by the Secretary of the Navy. In civilian practice, her focus was in the treatment of injured workers. In addition, she was selected by NIOSH to serve on a National Medical Review Panel for the U.S. Department of Energy, and selected to serve as Chair of the State of Oregon’s Medical Advisory Committee (Worker’s Compensation Division). Tamara also served as the Physician Advisor for Legacy Health’s Risk Management department, and for Legacy’s Employee Health department including its Employee Disability and Workers’ Compensation programs.

Medical Malpractice Litigation & Consultant Experience

Tamara has worked in healthcare law for over fourteen years. Initially, she was a physician consultant, analyzing malpractice cases from the medical perspective for a defense medical malpractice law firm. While practicing as a physician and as a medical consultant, she attended law school. Shortly after law school, she chose to practice law full-time. During the initial part of her legal career, Tamara provided legal counsel to healthcare providers and their insurers, in board matters, malpractice cases, and to hospitals regarding their administrative concerns. She was selected by members of the Oregon State Bar Association to serve as Chair of the Health Law Executive Committee. During these years, Tamara saw injuries caused by medical care from both the physician’s and lawyer’s perspectives. We are happy that Tamara decided the time had come for her to represent those injured by medical care.