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Failure to Identify Tumor on CT Scan — Portland Medical Malpractice Attorneys

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If their tumors are discovered and treated at an early stage, many cancer victims become cancer survivors. Unfortunately, if a doctor fails to diagnose the cancer until it reaches a late stage, treatment may not begin in time to save the patient.

At Miller & Wagner, LLP, our attorneys investigate and present damage claims for misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer due to failure to identify tumors on CT scans or other diagnostic tests. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. With offices in Eugene and Portland, our lawyers represent plaintiffs injured by medical negligence throughout Oregon and southwestern Washington.

Radiologist Malpractice Resulting in Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

The failure of a radiologist to identify a tumor on a CT scan can lead to a fatal delay in treatment. For this reason, doctors should not rely simply on a radiologist's report. Instead, doctors should review scans to ensure that a misinterpretation of an image does not lead to a fatal chain of errors in the patient's treatment.

Once a tumor metastasizes, the cancer may enter the circulatory system or adjoining tissues, which may not be removed by surgery. The legal question is whether the diagnosis would have been made in time to save the patient if the tumor had been correctly identified on a CT scan or other device.

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Call 503-299-6116 or 866-785-6625 to arrange a no-cost consultation concerning failure to identify tumors on a CT scan. Our Portland medical malpractice lawyers represent clients throughout Oregon and southwestern Washington. For your convenience, we have a satellite office in Eugene.

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