Surgery involves many risks. Surgical mistakes — such as the perforation of arteries and internal organs — internal bleeding and infections may compromise the health and life of the patient. Surgeons and nurses are supposed to closely monitor patients post-surgery and perform all necessary tests to ensure the patient is stable and on his or her way to recovery. Failure to properly monitor, and administer tests and mediations can put patients’ lives at risk.

From our offices in Portland and Pacific City, Miller & Wagner, helps clients throughout Oregon and southwestern Washington gain compensation for the injuries caused to them and their loved ones by post-operation errors.

Holding Hospitals Liable for Postoperative Errors

Many patients are unsure what caused their postoperative complication. At Miller & Wagner, we use independent medical experts to evaluate our clients’ medical records and identify any postoperative care errors.

  • Did the hospital properly monitor your vital signs?
  • Were postoperative care instructions followed?
  • Did doctors and nurses check for internal bleeding or infection?
  • Were medications properly administered?
  • Were steps taken to prevent blood clots?
  • Did the hospital timely and properly respond to postoperative problems?

If any indication of negligence on the part of the hospital, surgeon, nurses or staff is present, we will hold the hospital liable.

Helping Clients after Post-Surgical Complications

Dave Miller and Bob Wagner both began their legal careers as a defense lawyer for malpractice insurance companies. Their insights into the claim evaluation and investigation process from the defense side can give you an accurate idea of the strength and value of your case. They also have access to a wide network of outstanding medical experts — trusted professionals whose involvement with your case is indispensable to its success. In fact, Oregon and Washington doctors often call Miller & Wagner when they need advice about potential malpractice claims for their own family members and friends.

During our free case evaluation, we will provide you with the strengths and weaknesses of your case and inform you about all of your legal options. Whether your case requires extensive litigation or can be better resolved through negotiation and settlement, our attorneys have the skills necessary to maximize your compensation.

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