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Your surgery begins with anesthesia, and for many types of surgical procedures the licensed anesthesiologist is the most important person in the room. A miscalculation in the type and amount of anesthesia administered, or negligence while monitoring your body functions under general anesthesia can result in permanent neurological injuries and brain damage.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury that you believe can be attributed to the anesthesia you were given for a surgical procedure, you may have a legitimate claim for compensation for your medical treatment and monetary damages related to your injury and pain. Contact the law firm of Miller & Wagner, LLP, in Portland for a free consultation.

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Senior attorney Dave Miller has more than a quarter century of knowledge and experience investigating and litigating cases involving anesthesia errors and medical malpractice claims, including many years representing doctors and insurance companies in defense of negligence claims.

In cases involving anesthesiologist negligence or misconduct, our attorneys network with the most distinguished surgeons and anesthesiologists in the Northwest to investigate whether the injury or death was the result of negligence on the part of a medical professional. Whether the patient accepted the risk of a complication through the informed consent process is often a sharply disputed issue in surgical malpractice injury and wrongful death cases involving anesthesia.

We advise and represent people whose surgical injury claims involve such mistakes as the following:

  • Anesthesia errors leading to death or permanent brain damage
  • Surgery on the wrong body part or wrong side of the body
  • Foreign objects such as sponges or clamps left in the body cavity
  • Surgical cutting errors through conventional procedures or laparoscopy leading to organ damage or spinal cord injury
  • Failure to monitor vital signs during or after surgery
  • Avoidable complications such as severe infection during postoperative recovery

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