Spine surgery involving an orthopedic implant or repair to critical areas of the vertebrae is typically uncommon, except under the most necessary medical circumstances. Neurosurgeons operating near the spine are working in one of the most vital areas of the body. An improper diagnosis or slip can result in lifelong medical problems, including paralysis.

At Miller & Wagner, our attorneys have been fighting on behalf of victims of spine surgery errors and orthopedic surgeon negligence for decades. We know the technical and medical issues involved and work with a network of many of the most-respected independent specialists to investigate and evaluate the evidence for liability on the part of the surgeons, anesthesiologist and medical professionals responsible for your case.

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You won’t know if you have a legitimate claim for damages for your injuries relating to orthopedic spine surgery errors until you talk to a qualified personal injury attorney who focuses on medical negligence in Oregon and Washington.

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Orthopedic surgeons and neurologists are licensed professionals held to the highest standards in their profession. They can’t afford a mistake when your body is at stake. At Miller & Wagner, we know the medical and legal issues that will be important to winning your case. Our experience with the investigation and proof of surgeon negligence claims can represent a powerful advantage for your damages claim.

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