Failure of a doctor to properly manage a bone fracture can lead to pain, the need for follow-up surgery and disability. If you or a loved one has been injured due to failure of an orthopedist to properly diagnose and set a fractured bone, you may be entitled to compensation for everything you have lost.

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Orthopedist Negligence in Treating Broken Bones

There are three main types of negligence in treating a patient with a bone fracture:

  • Failure to diagnose the fracture: In an emergency room setting, doctors may fail to order an X-ray or fail to read an X-ray.
  • Negligent fracture management: Some types of fractures require surgery and the use of plates, screws or rods to realign the bone. If the treating physician simply puts a cast on a fracture that needs more proactive treatment, it may result in severe complications.
  • Failure to diagnose compartment syndrome: In our bodies, groups of muscles, blood vessels and nerves are contained in compartments by tissue called fascia. If the fascia becomes swollen due to the trauma of a fracture, reduced blood flow may cause permanent damage.

If fractures are misdiagnosed or incorrectly treated, the complications can be very serious. Fractures can lead to loss of mobility, pain, infections, bone death and permanent disability. If you or a loved one has suffered a medical problem related to orthopedic negligence, contact our attorneys for straight answers about your legal options.

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