Patients at risk for blood clots and embolisms face risks from over- or undertreatment. Failure to provide anticoagulation therapy can result in debilitating strokes or heart attacks. In the event the surgeon does everything right, there is still the possibility that the anticoagulant drug can create a problem, as has been the case with the blood thinner Coumadin.

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Recall of Coumadin Due to Potential for Overdose

Coumadin is the brand name of the blood thinner warfarin. The drug has recently been recalled after tests found that many Coumadin pills had too high potency, leading to a dangerous hemorrhaging or internal bleeding. The anticoagulation drug heparin has also been recalled due to allergic reactions.

If you have been injured as a result of negligence of anticoagulation therapy, you may be entitled to full compensation for the damages you have suffered from all liable parties, including your physician and the company that manufactured the drug.

Knowledge of Medical Malpractice Law

Dave Miller and Bob Wagner both began their legal careers as a defense lawyer for malpractice insurance companies. Their insights into the claim evaluation and investigation process from the defense side can give you an accurate idea of the strength and value of your case. They also have access to a wide network of outstanding medical experts — trusted professionals whose involvement with your case is indispensable to its success. In fact, Oregon and Washington doctors often call Miller & Wagner when they need advice about potential malpractice claims for their own family members and friends.

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