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Doctors have a responsibility to administer to the medical needs of mother and baby in the delivery room. While discomfort is part of the delivery process for mothers, prolonged excessive labor pain and symptoms of fetal distress to the baby are a warning sign that something may be going wrong. An emergency C-section is often a necessary means of preventing injury. Unfortunately, some doctors are hesitant to perform the procedure and long-term medical problems may result.

If a doctor delays in ordering a C-section delivery, it can put the baby at risk of requiring an emergency forceps or vacuum extraction, increasing the potential for a full range of injuries to the fetus and mother.

We are the birth injury law firm of Miller & Wagner, in Portland, Oregon. If you suffered prolonged distress and injury because your doctor delayed the decision to perform a C-section delivery, you may be entitled to recover money damages for negligence. Many things can go wrong in the delivery room. Insufficient monitoring of vital signs and improper supervision of medical procedures can result in a delayed reaction to fetal distress that can result in serious injuries.

Attorney Dave Miller has more than 34 years experience litigating medical negligence laws and has personally handled more birth injury lawsuits than any lawyer in Oregon who represents injured patients. His deep understanding of obstetrics and neo-natal medicine and ability to work effectively with the medical specialists who can comment on the performance of your labor and delivery team can give you a powerful advantage in establishing malpractice liability and recovering the damages you need for the extra support and treatment your child will require for years to come.

Some medical injuries that babies potentially face as a result of fetal distress brought about by a delayed C-section delivery include:

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