Shoulder dystocia occurs to a baby during the delivery process when the baby’s chin compresses against the walls of the birth canal, causing a possible long-term medical condition called Erb’s palsy. If the medical staff fails to monitor and correct the positioning of the baby’s head immediately, the compression of the umbilical cord can cut off oxygen and result in death.

Physicians and delivery room staff are trained to monitor and protect against the possibility of dystocia, as well as prevent injuries during emergency extraction methods, such as forceps and vacuum extractors. If your baby suffered Erb’s palsy or other traumatic nerve injury or fetal distress during delivery, your doctor and attending medical staff may be liable for negligence.

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Attorney Dave Miller has more than 34 years experience litigating medical negligence laws and has personally handled more birth injury lawsuits than any lawyer in Oregon who represents injured patients. His deep understanding of obstetrics and neo-natal medicine and ability to work effectively with the medical specialists who can comment on the performance of your labor and delivery team can give you a powerful advantage in establishing malpractice liability and recovering the damages you need for the extra support and treatment your child will require for years to come.

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