During difficult births when the baby is undergoing fetal distress caused by shoulder dystocia or improper positioning in the birth canal, doctors are often required to use extraction methods using medical instruments such as forceps and vacuum extractors to prevent permanent nerve and brain damage. Forceps are made of metal and include rounded cups on the end of two tongs, much like large salad tongs. Although the baby remains under intensive monitoring throughout the extraction, and doctors are trained to use the devices in a way that is safe for mother and baby, serious injuries to the head, shoulders, neck and face of the baby often result. The most serious types of forceps injuries can result in fractures and serious nerve damage to the baby’s face. In cases of severe peripheral nerve damage to nerve bundles outside of the spinal column, cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy may be the end result.

If your baby suffered nerve damage or other injuries caused by forceps during an extraction birth in a hospital, talk to a birth injury litigation attorney at Miller & Wagner today.

Here are some examples of the birth injuries most likely to result from professional negligence or inappropriate response to fetal distress:

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