The National Preeclampsia Foundation reports that thousands of women and newborns become extremely ill or die every year from a dangerous, yet treatable medical condition called preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a life-threatening illness symptomized by a spike in blood pressure that often results in a stroke and multiple organ failure in mother and fetus.

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Anytime after the 20th week of pregnancy, OB/GYNs must be aware of the conditions in the mother’s health that can lead to preeclampsia. If you or your baby suffered the injurious effects of preeclampsia while under the care of a medical professional in Oregon or southwestern Washington, you may have a claim of medical negligence. The responsible parties may include your OB/GYN, your delivery room physician or medical staff responsible for your care during the pre-natal and post-natal period. An experienced medical malpractice attorney at Miller & Wagner, is ready to give you straight answers about your circumstances and your legal options.

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Attorney Dave Miller has more than 34 years experience litigating medical negligence laws and has personally handled more birth injury lawsuits than any lawyer in Oregon who represents injured patients. His deep understanding of obstetrics and neo-natal medicine and ability to work effectively with the medical specialists who can comment on the performance of your labor and delivery team can give you a powerful advantage in establishing malpractice liability and recovering the damages you need for the extra support and treatment your child will require for years to come.

Our law firm advises and represent parents about birth injury claims in Oregon and Washington, especially Vancouver and Clark County.

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