A low percentage of pregnant women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, typically at around the 28th week of pregnancy. For many women, it is the first time they have been diagnosed with abnormal blood sugar levels, brought about by hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. It is not necessarily a dangerous or permanent health condition for the mother or baby, if the woman’s primary doctor tested at the appropriate time and took additional precautions to control the condition with proper medication and dietary recommendations. However, some doctors ignore the medical symptoms and fail to screen the woman for blood sugar abnormalities as part of routine pre-natal care. If left undiagnosed and untreated, pregnancy diabetes can have a permanent health effect on mother and/or baby.

Did you have any of these risk factors for gestational diabetes that went undiagnosed during your pregnancy:

  • Clinical obesity
  • Previous history of gestational diabetes
  • Sugar detected in urine
  • Family history of diabetes
  • Previous delivery of a high birth weight baby
  • Previous unexplained stillbirth
  • Previous delivery of a baby born with a birth defect
  • Mother’s history of high blood pressure
  • Mother’s age over 35 years old

If you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes that affected your health or the health of your baby during pregnancy and post-natal care, did your primary care physician do everything possible to test and diagnose the condition early enough to provide effective treatment? If you have questions about negligence on the part of your OB/GYN or other doctor’s diagnosis and treatment in Oregon or southwestern Washington, talk to the experienced birth injuriesmedical malpractice attorneys at Miller & Wagner.

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