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A neonatologist is a specialist in the pediatrics field who focuses on the care of newborn infants, particularly infants born of premature birth weight or who exhibit signs of injury from fetal distress. Today’s hospitals typically staff their obstetrics wards with a neonatologist, who is charged with overseeing the medical diagnosis and treatment of each newborn in intensive care units until the baby is released to the mother’s care.

Neonatologists have a professional responsibility to ensure that every measure is taken to test, diagnose and treat the infant with the highest standards of efficiency and medical technology available to them. If your infant suffered an injury that you believe was the result of malfeasance, negligence or error on the part of a neonatologist at your hospital in Oregon or southwestern Washington, you may have a claim for compensation for damages.

Talk to an attorney on the birth injury litigation team at Miller & Wagner, in Portland. Our firm is recognized for our capacity and resources to handle the most complex birth injury cases involving diagnostic negligence, standard of care and treatment. Negligence on the part of a neonatologist or hospital in the care of a newborn isn’t always obvious, particularly in cases involving multiple health problems and technical equipment. We seek the opinion of experts in the areas of obstetrics and neonatology to determine whether you have a legitimate claim for damages.

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