The most serious problem associated with fetal distress is the baby’s inability to begin breathing on his or her own. The medical professionals in the room must be in full control of monitoring the situation and prepared to act immediately with emergency measures. Every second the brain goes without oxygen can result in brain damage or death of the infant.

If your baby suffered injury because of your doctor’s negligence during the resuscitation efforts in a hospital in Oregon or southwestern Washington, talk to a pre-eminent birth injury attorney at Miller & Wagner, LLP, about your legal options. We are recognized for our capacity to represent clients involved in the most complex birth injury cases involving monitoring and treatment of babies suffering symptoms of fetal distress during delivery. Claims involving resuscitation errors require in-depth knowledge of standards of care and technical concerns about equipment and timelines for emergency actions. We rely on the testimony of professionals in the areas of neonatology emergency procedures to investigate and prepare evidence for damages.

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Under the direction of attorney David Miller, we apply decades of birth injuries litigation experience to reconstruct the facts of what happened in the seconds and minutes after your baby was born. By soliciting the support of medical experts, we gain an advantage in proving liability against the doctor or nurse responsible for resuscitating your baby.

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